Die GeschaeftsleitungThe Business Management team
Josef Stamminger, Franz Esletzbichler, Thomas Esletzbichler 
Esletzbichler Verkehrstechnik GmbH specialises in repairing crash barriers, traffic signs, wildlife fences, noise barriers, crash cushions and concrete guide walls damaged due to traffic accidents on motorways, dual carriageways and main roads. We’re contracted by ASFINAG, by the responsible road maintenance services and by individual municipalities to repair and reconstruct such damage.

Today, numerous staff members work in business management, assembly management, in the secretary’s office and in four assembly teams to ensure safety on Austria’s roads.

Our area of operations currently covers the regions of Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Styria, Vienna and Burgenland. Within this area, our storage sites are distributed and equipped in order to enable us to reach the scene fast and flexibly, day or night. This allows us to guarantee the rapid repair of the damage and, thanks to our professional fleet of vehicles, to safely cordon off accident sites.